COMBINED JAZZ & TAP - 5 to 18 years
This class incorporates the styles of jazz and tap. Students in this class focus on rhythm, fitness, flexibility, and learning dance routines.


BALLET - 5+ years 
Classical ballet is known for its attention to detail, strict technique and flowing, precise movements.​ This class is perfect if you are wanting to improve your posture, technique, strength or flexibility.

ACROBATICS - 6+ years
Students in this class learn aspects of tumbling and can further enhance their own acrobatic/gymnastic skills.

ACRO DANCE - 6+ years
Similar to acrobatics but blends elements of acrobatics and dance through unique choreography.

​HIP HOP - 7+ years & adult 16+ years
Hip hop is a form of dance consisting of a number of different styles such as breaking, locking and popping. Hip hop has also greatly influenced the style of jazz/funk. Students in the this class learn routines.

LYRICAL - 7+ years & adult 16+ years
In this class, students learn a style of dance that is a fusion of both jazz and ballet techniques. Students will learn routines that utilise emotions and fluid movements.



A class that combines singing, dancing and acting.

ADULT TAP - 16+ years
We run a number of adult tap classes ranging from beginner to advanced. We provide a fun and low-pressure environment, in which adults of all ages can enhance their skills and work on an entertaining routine.



BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited) EXAMS

Jazz, tap and hip hop.

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About the School

Diamond Dance Studio is a non-competitive dance school that seeks to enhance the development of our students throughout their entire educational experience. Our staff is made up of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are passionate about providing the best Dance School in Kingston. We offer the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential. Do you want to learn at our Dance School? Get in touch with us today.



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Faculty & Staff



Holly started dancing at the age of 4 learning all styles of dance (jazz, tap, ballet, song & dance, lyrical, hip hop & ballroom) and has competed successfully in eisteddfods. She has completed AMEB Singing Exams along with BAL jazz, tap & hip hop exams, receiving Honours and Distinctions. Holly completed her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management with BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited) in 2019. Over recent years Holly has developed a passion for teaching, and she enjoys sharing her love and passion for dance & performing with her students.



Kate started dancing at the age of 3 learning all styles of dance (jazz, tap, lyrical, song and dance, hip hop and RAD ballet). She has performed in musical theatre and ballet productions and received a BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited) certificate of excellence for her tap exam in 2019 (only awarded to those who receive a score of 97% or higher). Kate has a love and passion for ballet and is currently completing RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) advanced exams.



Miss Caitlin comes from a background in Cheerleading, Musical Theatre and competitive dancing, where she has competed in Eisteddfods over the years. Miss Caitlin has recently returned from Sydney where she completed Certificate 4 in Dance, Diploma of Musical Theatre & Certificate 4 in Dance Teaching & Management at the prestigious Lee Academy Dance & Performing Arts.

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Ballet Australasia Limited

BAL is recognised worldwide for their highly technical and professional dance syllabus. They provide ongoing assistance to members with dance tuition and instruction through syllabus support, annual conferences and they are a recognised training institution for the Teaching Certificate 3 and 4 courses and exams. The syllabi (particularly Tap and Jazz) incorporate a variety of styles, from the traditional to the newest trends, with the aim to develop versatile dancers.

We encourage all students to participate in exams as completing an exam not only gives students a sense of achievement, but can lead to life-long qualifications that are recognised in all major institutions for further study (to either dance professionally or teach dance).


Should you be arriving by car, we offer a parking lot with parking for our customers.

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